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Fallacy: Payroll is a pain!

What does it really take to process a payroll?

Figure the hours
Look up & figure deductions
Process & print the checks
Figure your monthly deposits
Process and send monthly coupons
Figure your quarterly payments
Process and send quarterly forms & checks
Figure your year end totals

Process and send Year End forms & W-2's

STOP!! "WE CAN Do IT ALL FOR YOU" without the headache AND For LESS than it would cost you to do it yourself. We can do All of this for you, for the low rate of $1.50 per check written!! That means if you have 15 employees paid semi-monthly your total monthly fee would be $45.00 including your federal & state deposit checks, quarterly reports and W-2's! Minimum monthly fees of $40.00 for monthly payrolls, $45.00 for semi-weekly or semi-monthly payrolls, $50 for weekly payrolls. Prices figured with normal mail shipping of checks or faxing of check stubs.

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